Tales of the Vagabond Library: Day 1

And so begins day one of the Vagabond Calarco Library. Our slogan: Calarco Library, Breaking the Mold. Witty, right?

Maybe I should back up and explain why there is such a flattering photo of myself and Mr. Gette imitating Santa…in September…with black trash bags…sans white beards. For those who do not already know, or for those who have fallen victim to that elusive beast known as the “rumor mill,” the Calarco Library facilities are temporarily closed due to elevated levels of mold. As of right now, the estimated time of closure is 10 school days.

Don’t fret! The Vagabond Library is up, running and ready for business. Maintenance kindly transfered 2 library laptop carts, textbooks, and a printer to Upper Heath this morning. Even more resources were carried up in those fashionable bags modeled in the photo above. At the bottom of the post is a FULL list of services, as well as some fantastic photos depicting the progress of our migration.

This is a great opportunity to remember that libraries AND librarians are so much more than books. A fellow school librarian, Buffy Hamilton, did a supremely awesome job of explaining what a library really is during her own dilemma last year.

While I love my physical library space, that is not what I’m trying distribute throughout my building, but instead, it’s the experience of library and myself,  the human resource and all the energy, expertise in many kinds of literacies, and desire to help students learn, that provides the most benefits to my school…As long as I have a space to teach in the building and the means to teach  teachers and students, I can bring the experience of library anywhere.

Not only do we still have the resources to offer books, magazines, databases and more, we still have…us! The physical library may be currently inactive, but the librarians certainly are not. Come visit us in Upper Heath for research assistance, technology help (Evernote, NoodleTools, Webspiration and more), printing, laptops, reading material, textbooks or a designated place to study.

We cannot be defeated. Seriously, did you think daring librarians of fortune would really be stopped by a bit of mold?

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Library Resources in Upper Heath (And Beyond!)

        • Textbooks
        • Laptops
        • Headphones
        • Printing
        • Kindles (books)
        • Kindle Fires (magazines)
        • Paper Magazines
        • Research Assistance

-Signing off, the slightly disheveled but definitely not disheartened librarian, Jenny Barrows

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