Vagabond Librarians Day Four: Instruction Junction, What’s Your Function?

When I went to Graduate school, my dad asked me when I would be taking Shushing 102 and Shelving Books 203. And it’s true that the number one question asked of librarians (other than “Can I check out a laptop?”) is “You went to school for that?”

I did. And other than the core courses in cat ownership and selecting just the right horn-rimmed glasses, I learned two things: how to catalogue, and how to teach.

I will type your ear off about cataloging some other time. Some of you may have come with a class to the library classroom and listened to a librarian talk about databases and citations and the strange artifact known as a Libguide. Some may have sought us out one-on-one for individualized help with a paper or project. And some of you have probably come up to one of us and said, “Mypaperisduein30secondspleasehowdoIprint?”

Even though we are away from the library and its classroom, we can still do all of that. It just looks a little different, like the Kindles vs our usual book collection. Maybe your class will come up to Heath, or maybe a librarian will brave the light of day and come to your classroom. If you need help doing research, we’re here. And we have comfy chairs.

So schedule an individual appointment (in fact, someone made an appointment while I was typing this). And we will always happily tell you where the nearest copier is.

It’s what we’re trained for.

-Signing off, Kit Gette (who got a D- in coming up with funny sign offs)

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