Vagabond Librarians Day 6: Convocation!

So, Condaleeza Rice spoke to us today. At Hopkins. That is pretty cool.

Personally, I thought the best parts of her speech were when she was talking about trying new things, broadening your range of knowledge, and being open to different opinions. We’ve definitely been trying new things here at the Vagabond Library – from our new reliance on our Kindles to our wall-less workspace. And while there are some drawbacks to the current situation (I miss you, books), there are benefits as well. It’s great being in the thick of campus (and not just because we got to people-watch the reception in the Weissman Room). We’re broadening our range of experiences up here – and we’ll be taking what we’ve learned back to the library with us.

For another voice on education and the importance thereof, I refer you to John Green’s video “Is College Worth It?” (If you do not know who John Green is, please see Ms. Barrows review of The Fault in Our Stars and her upcoming review of An Abundance of Katherines).

-Signing off, Kit Gette (who wishes he’d taken more science and math and history and…)

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