New Graphic Novels on the Kindle Fires!

Hello comic fans (and the rest of you, too)!

Today we added ten new titles to the Kindle Fires’ growing graphic novels collection. They are:

Batman: Year One – Frank Miller’s reimagining of Batman’s origin, though I would argue the real draw of the story is the tough-as-nails Jim Gordon. Year One was a definite influence on Christopher Nolan’s films, particularly Batman Begins.

A Contract With God – Will Eisner’s collection of four stories centered on a tenement in 1930’s Bronx. It is one of the earliest graphic novels.

Daytripper – a series of vignettes that move forwards and backwards through the life of an obituary writer, with one thing in common – he always dies at the end. A book about life, mortality, and the choices people make.

And then we have 7 more volumes of Neil Gaiman’s classic series, The Sandman, which follows Dream, one of the Endless, a group of seven beings that are the personifications of abstract powers. The series is full of literary and historical references (as well as pretty art). The new volumes are:

The Sandman: Preludes and Nocturnes – chronicling the Dream Lord’s imprisonment and escape.

The Sandman: The Doll’s House – a tale filled with monsters both inhuman and all too human.

The Sandman: Dream Country – a collection of four stories including A Midsummer Night’s Dream, the only comic to ever win the World Fantasy Award for short fiction.

The Sandman: A Game of You – revisits a character from A Doll’s House as she explores her childhood dream world.

The Sandman: Fables and Reflections – another collection of four stories.

The Sandman: Brief Lives – follows Delirium as she searches for her lost brother with the aid of a reluctant Dream.

The Sandman: World’s End – has strangers swapping stories in an inn where they’ve all taken shelter from an odd storm.

Which means we now have The Sandman, volumes 1-8 on the Kindle Fires. For readers new to the story, I would suggest skipping the first volume (Preludes and Nocturnes). While it is technically the start of the series, I find it rather different from the other volumes, and not the best introduction to the comics. Try Dream Country or Season of Mists.

Happy reading!

Here’s an example and explanation of the Panel View that Dr. Cox raved about. Demonstration starts at 1:08:

-Signing off, Kit Gette (who wants to be Jim Gordon when he grows up)

2 thoughts on “New Graphic Novels on the Kindle Fires!

    1. kitgette Post author

      Most of it! I am sure we will get the last few volumes soon, especially if there’s interest.

      …From more people than you, Dr. Cox.


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