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Leftovers: A Feast of Books

I had some trouble getting to school this morning. Not just because it can be tough coming back after a break, or because I was feeling sluggish after all of the turkey I consumed these past few days. No, it was because of the book fort.

See, I checked out a bunch of books on Friday so I’d have something to read over break. And now I had to get past that mountainous pile of books that poses an immeasurable safety hazard so that I could get out my front door. And I doubt I was the only one with this problem.

On the Thursday and Friday before break, Calarco Library hosted its “Feast of Books,” an event where the finest of literature (and cookies) were available to anyone who stopped by our outpost in Thompson or the Library itself. Visitors could choose from displays of award winners, a cart of titles handpicked by the librarians, or the general collection.

Feast of Books in Thompson on 11/15. Hi, JSchool!

Both events went very well, with students (and teachers) walking away with plenty of reading material. Some forward-thinking souls, foreseeing the book fort problem, chose instead to check out one of our Kindles – all the books in a compact, less injurious form. The Kindle Fires, stocked with graphic novels, were particularly popular.

Students were happy because they had books to read, librarians were happy because people were checking books out. And there were cookies. All in all, two successful events.

I hope you all enjoyed your break, and that you read something good!

– Signing off, Kit Gette (who needs to brave the book fort to find the dog) 

The Feast of Books


 photo credit: EVRT Studio via photopin cc

Now that we have your attention…

Here Ye, Here Ye! Come one, come all to the Calarco Library Feast of Books! Whether ye be a Sevie or Senior, stranger or familiar face, we welcome you to join us for the first annual Feast of Books! Dine on Green and Mitchell, Asher and Johnson (Denis, not Ben), Funke, Pullman and so much more…including cookies. Take, indulge, and photograph for a chance to be featured on this very awesome blog! Please, fellow book feast-ers, read the details below.


 photo credit: Mrs Magic via photopin cc

Feast of Books

Junior School: Thursday, November 15th during Free Period in Thompson South Atrium

Upper School: Friday, November 16th All Day in the Library (Upper Level)

What: Books, Cookies, Calarco Library, and YOU

Why: So you can take a book (or Kindle) on Thanksgiving Break

Photo Contest

Submit a photo of you and your book (or Kindle!) enjoying the glories of Thanksgiving break for a chance to win an Amazon gift card AND be featured on this infinitely awesome blog.
-Signing off, Jenny Barrows (who sincerely hopes no gets too excited and accidentally ingests book pages)

Electricity and Elections

Greetings, Vagabond Students, Faculty, and Staff, and welcome back! Last week was long and odd, what with waiting every day to hear whether power was restored and school was back in session. I’m sure many of you were (or still are) without power. I hope you and your families are all safe and relatively comfortable.

Here at the Library we were pleased to find that nothing had flooded, it had not rained indoors, there were no plagues of frogs, and no-one had left any sort of dessert in any books. My week was relatively uneventful, as I never lost power (though that lead to playing host to relatives looking to shower, send emails, or play Assassin’s Creed 3). Ms. Barrows had a more harrowing time: she was trapped at Disneyworld. Please do not, under any circumstances, hum or whistle “It’s a Small World” while in her presence (granted, that’s just common courtesy. No-one likes “It’s a Small World”).

In other news, happy Election Day! If you are of age to do so and have not done so already, please make time today to go vote. There is something really special about seeing tens to hundreds of your fellow Americans lined up to do their civic duty. Even though it was early in the morning (and really cold!), the line I waited in this morning was full of smiling, upbeat people. Plus you get a nifty sticker and, in some cases, free coffee.

photo credit: Vox Efx via photopin cc

And at the very least, it means a few months without political ads.

On a completely different note, be on the lookout for library-sponsored book events as we head towards Thanksgiving Break!

-Signing off, Kit Gette (who vastly prefers the Jungle Cruise)