Leftovers: A Feast of Books

I had some trouble getting to school this morning. Not just because it can be tough coming back after a break, or because I was feeling sluggish after all of the turkey I consumed these past few days. No, it was because of the book fort.

See, I checked out a bunch of books on Friday so I’d have something to read over break. And now I had to get past that mountainous pile of books that poses an immeasurable safety hazard so that I could get out my front door. And I doubt I was the only one with this problem.

On the Thursday and Friday before break, Calarco Library hosted its “Feast of Books,” an event where the finest of literature (and cookies) were available to anyone who stopped by our outpost in Thompson or the Library itself. Visitors could choose from displays of award winners, a cart of titles handpicked by the librarians, or the general collection.

Feast of Books in Thompson on 11/15. Hi, JSchool!

Both events went very well, with students (and teachers) walking away with plenty of reading material. Some forward-thinking souls, foreseeing the book fort problem, chose instead to check out one of our Kindles – all the books in a compact, less injurious form. The Kindle Fires, stocked with graphic novels, were particularly popular.

Students were happy because they had books to read, librarians were happy because people were checking books out. And there were cookies. All in all, two successful events.

I hope you all enjoyed your break, and that you read something good!

– Signing off, Kit Gette (who needs to brave the book fort to find the dog) 

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