Library Shame Con 2012

And so commences Reads of Shame: A Series from your Calarco Librarians

This series will consist of Mr. Gette and Ms. Barrows being shamed into reading various books at irregular and inconsistent periods of time. These will be books that we really should have read by this point in our lives (as librarians and as humans), but for shameful, inexcusable reasons, have not. We will shame each other, and we ask the greater Hopkins community to finger point and assign books to us humble, shamed librarians.

For this first non-specific period of time, Ms. Barrows was shamed by herself and Mr. Gette into reading Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. Why is it shameful Ms. Barrows hasn’t read Great Expectations? Maybe because she is obsessed with Mr. Pip, visited England (where she saw a massive Dickens museum display), and secretly watched the bad Ethan Hawke movie once.

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Mr. Gette has been shamed by Ms. Barrows into reading The Hours by Michael Cunningham. Ms Barrows was going on and on about how good it is while talking about how embarrassed she is that she’s never read Mrs. Dalloway (a preview of things to come?). And since Mr. Gette had read some Virginia Woolf in college,and had sort of thought about maybe seeing the movie, he figured maybe he should give the book a try. Plus, he doesn’t read much contemporary fiction, so this should be a change of pace.

The Hours

Reads of Shame, Round 1: Start!

Signing off, Jenny Barrows (does doing bicep curls with Great Expectations count as reading it?) and Kit Gette (who hopes The Hours won’t take hours).

2 thoughts on “Library Shame Con 2012

  1. quodfelix

    This implies that we already know the books you have read!

    I’m going to take a leap and assume that neither of you has read Simon Winchester’s The Professor and the Madman. It tells the tale of an individual who contributed a vast number of entries into the Oxford English Dictionary when it was first being compiled by a Professor. That means he’s the madman. His attendance at Hopkins School had NOTHING to do with his mental state, I am sure.

    Great story, local angle. SHAME on you if you haven’t read it. 🙂

    Thom Peters, Hopkins Archivist


    1. kitgette

      I have! Sue Feinberg featured it during Assembly lo these many years ago.
      There’s a copy in the library (of course), and it’s coming up to Thompson with us for the pre-Winter Break Book Mobile on Tuesday!

      Go ahead and shame Ms. Barrows, though.



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