Take a Book on Break – Winter Edition

Like most of you, the librarians are looking forward to Winter Break. Ms. Barrows is counting down seconds when she thinks no-one is listening, Mrs. Prendergast is awash in tinsel, and Mrs. Dubois  has been caught staring out of windows and sighing wistfully.

I, of course, am perfectly serious. Now excuse, me, I need to make some more paper snowflakes.

Librarians hard at work

Oh, right, there was something I was supposed to tell you.

Take a Book On Break: Winter Edition
Monday Dec. 17th – Wednesday, Dec. 19th
Calarco Library

Really, librarians look forward to break because there’s MORE TIME FOR READING.

We’ll have several displays highlighting recommended books, from our personal favorites to books we’re embarrassed we’ve never read (coughcoughJaneEyrecough). There will also be a display of student picks, courtesy of Lucy Balcezak ’13, Lloyd Chen ‘13, Rose Etzel ‘15, and Anna Fuertes ’13. (Thanks, guys!)

And, of course, your Calarco Librarians will be on hand to help you find whatever you’re looking for.

Unless it’s colored pencils. Sorry guys, we just don’t have them.

So stop by the library and pick up a book for break!  Maybe something new in December, maybe a Kindle, maybe a classic, maybe a graphic novel. There’s something for everyone. And festive decorations. And if, for some reason, you’re unable to visit us in person, check us out on Goodreads: It’s kind of like having a robot librarian available anytime, only without the thirst for world domination and odd fondness for William Gibson.

-Signing off, Kit Gette (who does have an odd fondness for William Gibson. Beep…whirrr…)

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