Book Review: Mister Pip, by Lloyd Jones

Not exactly Great Expectations

Mister Pip

I discovered Mister Pip a few years ago (yes, the discovery is mine and mine alone). I was shelving other, less important books when that thing happened…when you notice a book for no remarkable reason. No glitter or bright colors, lusty vampiric individuals, geometric patterns or unusual shape—just a slim blue book that inexplicably made me double take and pull it off the shelf. I didn’t know what the Man Booker Prize was, and I didn’t care. I just knew that this book was going to be gold. Mister Pip introduces Matilda and the delicate dichotomy between the reality of her village being torn apart by war and her literary escape with Pip, Dickens, and Mr. Watts. When the divisions crumble with unexpected harshness, Matilda is left to cipher the events with insights from both worlds.

-Signing off, Jenny Barrows (who is STILL reading Great Expectations)

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