Haley Gorman’s Book Review

Crazy Dystopia

By Haley Gorman

What does the future of our beloved United States and North divergent2America hold? Where will our society and technology be in as little as fifty years? These are the base questions of every dystopian novel out there whether they are set in 2050 or 2250.  In recent years novels have been getting farther and farther from the present day, but Veronica Roth reins the sci-fi super techno theme in, setting her newest novel, Insurgent, sequel to Divergent, in the relatively close future.

Insurgent begins where Divergent ended so, perhaps, before continuing this review you should go snag that book from the shelf.  Ok, so now that you’ve read Divergent I don’t have to worry about spoiling everything about this amazing world for you.  Insurgent begins exactly where Divergent ended, in chaos.  The factions are nearing civil war as Erudite, with traitor Dauntless, attack the Abnegation and remaining Dauntless. Tris, the heroine of the series, is being especially targeted by Erudite because of her Divergent status.  As she continues her relationship with unofficial boyfriend and fellow Dauntless, Four, Tris keeps secrets and feelings inside herself that Four feels entitled to know, causing fighting between them leaving both angry and confused about how to continue their relationship in the midst of war.  Having escaped the Erudite attack, a group of Abnegation and Dauntless, including Tris and Four jump onto a train to safety, which turns out to be a factionless safe house in which the group is cared for during the night.  Tris and Four travel to Candor headquarters for the safety that Amity failed to provide because of their peacefulness while the Abnegation in the group go to an Abnegation safe house elsewhere.  An attack on Candor by Dauntless traitors working for Erudite leader, Jeanine, reveals people who are Divergent, like Tris and Four, by firing a serum that doesn’t affect the Divergent into almost everyone in the building.  The plan is to then take a Divergent to Erudite headquarters to test serums on so that everyone can be controlled by Jeanine.  When this plan fails Jeanine takes control of a Candor girl and her little brother, having them stand on a ledge and say, “this will happen every two days if a Divergent isn’t sent to Erudite headquarters.” They then jump off of the ledge to the pavement ten stories below. Before he falls, the brother is caught by Tris’ friend, who is with her, but his sister isn’t as lucky.  Naturally, Tris feels responsible for this death and turns herself over to the Erudite.

            I really enjoyed this book and it was a fun read.  All of the different motives and hidden missions of various characters makes the whole book a mind game.  I must admit I kept trying to guess what was going to happen next, and I was almost never correct in my assumptions.  The writing style that Roth writes in is very easy to read.  The book is narrated by a sixteen year-old girl so there are very few large words to struggle through.  In short, a great second book of a trilogy that keeps the plot moving with plenty of action and mental puzzles.  My only criteria for the audience of this book would be to be at least thirteen years-old and have read Divergent.

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