Calarco Library Welcomes You Back

*brushes off keyboard*

*takes vacuum to cobwebs*

*checks cautiously for mold*

*throws up shade*

KG: Hello, and welcome back to Hopkins! I hope you all had a good summer – I certainly did!

JB: Yes! My summer was filled with reading…and more reading. I never fail to fulfill my most beloved of librarian stereotypes.

KG: Whereas I managed not to read most of the stuff I said I would. But that’s a different post.

JB: Yes, let’s lament what we did or did not read on another day. For now, our only task is to welcome all students, faculty and staff back to the Calarco Library. So. Welcome.

KG: It’s the same four faces here at the library this year: Mrs. Prendergast, Mrs. Dubois, and, of course, Ms. Barrows and myself, Mr. Gette.

JB: For those new to Hopkins, we are providing a crash course in Calarco.

KG: The library is in Baldwin Hall, by the patio next to Hopkins House. We have two floors.

JB: Fiction and reference is upstairs, as well as some fantastically comfy seating, tables and computers.

KG: There’s also a reference desk, with an embedded librarian, for all your questions and book-finding needs.

JB: The librarian is actually part of the physical structure of the desk.

KG: Please bring snacks. For us.

JB: Non-fiction, DVDs and CDs are downstairs, as well as MORE computers, another desk with a structurally embedded librarian in need of snacks, study rooms, and the infamous library classroom.

KG: It’s haunted.

JB: With the research, papers, and presentations of projects past.

KG: We provide books, Kindles, DVDs, VHS (yes, still), and more, that can all be checked out and taken home with you. For a time. For use IN the library, we have computers, laptops, headphones, and textbooks. Also two copiers. And a lot of tissues.

JB: The structurally embedded librarians and the currently mobile ones eagerly await you! Especially the structurally embedded librarians – they get quite lonely.

KG: We love answering questions, as we are actually cyborgs that are wired into all of our databases.

JB: AND, as was alluded to earlier, we are benevolent book monsters

KG: B is for Book, that’s good enough for me.

JB: In your many travels today and during this first week, please stop by to visit the sideshow of librarians attached to desks, cyborgs, monsters, and more. For the many of you who will not peer cautiously inside this week, we hope to see you this year. And by “hope,” we actually mean, “We will see you this year, muawhahaha!”

KG: …Yes. Anyway. Happy first day, and happy learning, all!

-Signing off, Jenny Barrows and Kit Gette (who also need to dust off their blogging skills)

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