Library Tips and Tricks: Printing

There is nothing worse than a printer mishap when your class started 2 minutes ago and you need that paper NOW. So here’s a guide to common printer problems, and how to solve them.

Sometimes when printing from Blackboard, your document may come out looking like this:

You didn't need to read that, did you?

The Heart of Darkness

Worry not! There is no madcap censor blacking out entire pages.  Blackboard and Chrome don’t always like to play nicely together.

Ken is Chrome

Via chipsprites on Tumblr

If your printouts are coming out looking like something out of 1984, just switch browsers. Firefox or IE will be more than happy to help.

Even more frustrating is when you can’t print at all! Sometimes when you hit Print, your only choice is something called “Send to One Note.”


You see, our computers can be a little forgetful. Kind of like…

Are you crazy? I'm not messing with Disney.

Photo credit: Jonathan Beeston via Flikr

…yeah. I can add a printer, and next period: POOF! It is gone again.

Tiny magician, give me my printers back!

Photo credit: Eva Peris via Flickr.

And as everyone knows, the only way to counter a magician is with a wiza- I mean, librarian. So call one of us over. Of course, if you’re tech savvy/impatient/MS. SPERBER IS GOING TO KILL ME AUUUGH you can always fix it yourself.

Just click the Start button, and type in \\print. Then hit Enter.

Thank you, Karl, for teaching me this.

Then scroll down the list to Library_Upper_Copier.

print 3

Double click, wait for it to install, and you’re all set!

Hopefully this will help you solve some of your printing woes, and ease your mind while waiting for that research paper to print.

After that, though, you’re on your own.

-Signing off, Mr. Gette (who estimates he spends approximately 23.97% of his time dealing with printers.)

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