Margie Lewis’ Book Review

every day

It’s “Complicated”

By Margie Lewis

Can you love someone whose appearance changes everyday? A different gender, a different eye color, a different height, a different family, a different school, sometimes a different town, and different talents, everyday those descriptions change. Can you imagine someone who jumps from body to body never having long-term friends, a long-term family, or a long-term home? What if you fell in love with someone’s soul? How would you handle it? David Levithan takes the reader on a journey through the difficulty of love and the exceptional experience of being in love.

In Everyday by David Levithan the character A, who to others seems to be a soul but to me a human, jumps from body to body. For sixteen years, A’s soul enters another body for a day. He accesses his or her memories to live his or her normal routine life. Plays his or her sport for a day, goes to his or her school for a day, and loves his or her family for one day. One day, A spends 24 hours in this 16 year olds body, Jason. Jason is a typical cranky teenager. He doesn’t speak much to his parents; he does decent in school, and to A doesn’t seem to care about anything. From accessing Jason’s mind, he realizes he has a girlfriend named Rhiannon. He learns that Jason is a jerk. He rarely pays any attention to Rhiannon’s insightful thoughts and her impeccable details.  When A comes in contact with Rhiannon he realizes her perfection. He acts like a charming boyfriend rather than an emotionless one. A, also known as Justin for the day, takes Rhiannon to the beach for a romantic date. For the first time in A’s life, he feels something for Rhiannon, strong feelings like love. For the next few days, A disrupts whosever body he is in. He finds multiple excuses to spy on Rhiannon at her school. I know it sounds creepy but I think it also sounds cute. One courageous day, A, in the body of a teenage girl finds Rhiannon and tells her everything, about his condition, how he feels about her, how he wants to see where their relationship goes. Rhiannon strangely believes him and together they build a relationship. How can their relationship work when A is in a different body every single day? Nonetheless A runs in many obstacles through out the book but one in particular causes him to question his identity as a being.

David Levithan exemplifies the complications of every teenage relationship. But he specifies that this one is actually “complicated.” Brushing over the topics of the importance of appearance in relationships, understanding the significance of mutual feelings, and discussing the journey of defining who one really is. But mostly, it is about A defining who he really is. “It would be too easy to say that I feel invisible. Instead, I feel painfully visible, and entirely ignored.”

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