Texts From Librarians: A Review Preview

Ms. Barrows and I both read some good books over break, and will have full reviews soon, but we thought we’d give you a bit of a preview of what’s to come.

And so I present: Mr. Gette and Ms. Barrow’s Spring Break Texting History.


Saturday, March 15, 4:54 pm

JG: I am 424 pages into Night Film.

JB: That good, huh?

JG: We’ll see how it wraps up.


Saturday, March 15, 6:52 pm

JG: Finished Night Film. It was good, but I’m kind of disappointed.

JB: That’s too bad! I”m going to start The Death of Bees tomorrow.


Monday, March 17, 1:53 pm

JG: The Martian is AMAZING!


Monday, March 17, 3:03 pm

JB: Death of Bees is immensely readable and so messed up.

JG: I got that impression. I am going to finish The Martian so I can pass it on to you tomorrow. Also because I can’t put it down.

JG: Fangirl has competition.


Wednesday, March 19, 7:15

JG: Just finished Help for the Haunted. It’s a whole bunch of mysteries tangled together, with a decent dash of spook. Didn’t love the ending, but I think that’s partly due to personal prejudice.

JB: What’s the personal prejudice?

[ED: Rest of conversation redacted due to spoilers]


Thursday, March 20, 9:45 am


JG: Despite or because of how messed up it is?

JB: Both. In some ways, it fits together a little too nicely at the end.

JB: But there are no holes in the plot structure, and I”m borderline impressed the author pulled it off.

JB: I think she also did a good job of swapping between narratives.

JG: Yeah, the two points of view (and the resulting differences in the story) were something I really liked in the excerpt I read.

JG: Martian next? I am trying to decide between Lexicon and Lives of Tao.

JB: Yes next.


Thursday, March 20, 11:25 am




JB: The vampire line is my favorite so far.

JG: Love this book.


Thursday, March 20, 12:53 pm


JB: Just laughed very loudly in quiet car on the train.


Saturday, March 22, 11:29 am





JG: The local library had a long hold list, and I need my sister to read them. Also I have poor impulse control.

JB: LOL. I finished The Martian and gave it to my sister.

JG: Well, I was jealous because her library had Ancillary Justice, so I decided to just buy my own copy. They didn’t have it. But it put the others within reach…


Thursday, March 27, 1:04 pm

JG: I do not care about aliens.

JB: And?

JG: I think that’s why Lives of Tao isn’t doing it for me.

JB: Drop it, then.


And there you have it! Action packed excitement from beginning to end.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this preview of our coming attractions.


-Signing off, Mr. Gette (who feels really bad about not finishing The Lives of Tao…)





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