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Library Tips and Tricks: Printing

There is nothing worse than a printer mishap when your class started 2 minutes ago and you need that paper NOW. So here’s a guide to common printer problems, and how to solve them.

Sometimes when printing from Blackboard, your document may come out looking like this:

You didn't need to read that, did you?

The Heart of Darkness

Worry not! There is no madcap censor blacking out entire pages.  Blackboard and Chrome don’t always like to play nicely together.

Ken is Chrome

Via chipsprites on Tumblr

If your printouts are coming out looking like something out of 1984, just switch browsers. Firefox or IE will be more than happy to help.

Even more frustrating is when you can’t print at all! Sometimes when you hit Print, your only choice is something called “Send to One Note.”


You see, our computers can be a little forgetful. Kind of like…

Are you crazy? I'm not messing with Disney.

Photo credit: Jonathan Beeston via Flikr

…yeah. I can add a printer, and next period: POOF! It is gone again.

Tiny magician, give me my printers back!

Photo credit: Eva Peris via Flickr.

And as everyone knows, the only way to counter a magician is with a wiza- I mean, librarian. So call one of us over. Of course, if you’re tech savvy/impatient/MS. SPERBER IS GOING TO KILL ME AUUUGH you can always fix it yourself.

Just click the Start button, and type in \\print. Then hit Enter.

Thank you, Karl, for teaching me this.

Then scroll down the list to Library_Upper_Copier.

print 3

Double click, wait for it to install, and you’re all set!

Hopefully this will help you solve some of your printing woes, and ease your mind while waiting for that research paper to print.

After that, though, you’re on your own.

-Signing off, Mr. Gette (who estimates he spends approximately 23.97% of his time dealing with printers.)

Vagabond Librarians Day 5: Who IS The Boss?

Jenny Barrows here to bring you the latest edition of the Moldy, ahem, Vagabond Library.

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As you can see, the view from “my desk” is rather unusual for Heath Commons. Currently, Librarian Gette is co-teaching with Teacher Ford over the din of students congregating, pianos playing (by aforementioned students), and maintenance preparing for a speaker tonight. How is this possible, you may ask? Well, it is possible because we embrace the advice of Tony Danza. Yes, the Tony Danza

Last week, I saw Tony Danza speak in a Madison, CT middle school auditorium. FYI, Tony Danza is not the washed up type (nor will he ever be the washed up type) who can only speak in middle school auditoriums. He was brought to Madison by the very awesome RJ Julia Independent Booksellers. Rather than holding the event at RJ Julia, Tony D spoke in the auditorium so more people could attend. And by the way, it was a packed house.

Also, if you don’t know who Tony Danza is. Click the above link or view the photo below.

photo credit: émiliep via photopin cc

But I digress.

After being fired from his last “big shot celebrity job”, Danza decided to fulfill a long-abandoned dream and become a teacher. He taught for a year at  Northeast High – Philadelphia’s largest high school with 3,600 students. Not entirely ready to shed the habits of stardom, he wrote a book about the experience: I’d Like to Apologize to Every Teacher I Ever Had. Despite being a former prize fighter and big shot celebrity, Danza got knocked down in a few rounds of teacher v. students (and Danza v. other teachers). Despite the roller coaster, Danza’s mantra remained: make the best of a bad situation.

The Calarco Library is not in a bad situation (read about some libraries that are), more of a “less than ideal” situation. Are we crying about it? Please. It takes far more to break the Vagabond Librarians (and no we did not choke up when we took our last look at the books for 2 entire weeks…that never happened). In the spirit of Tony Danza, we are making the best of our situation. Librarian Gette is fantastically conveying the secret intricacies of research, while Teacher Ford and the AC1 students enthusiastically adapt to the less-than-perfect classroom environment.

How has Hopkins made the most of a situation? Lets review.

  • Student patience regarding printing has at least doubled, if not tripled.
  • Teachers host the Vagabond librarians in classrooms for research lessons, and even bake us snacks! (The last part is not true, but maybe words written will become true?)
  • Students come to the Vagabond Library with incredibly original jokes such as, “Oh man, look at all the books!” And while we guffaw initially, we trump expectations and students end up leaving with one of our fabulous Kindles hugged close to their chests (or shoved into a backpack. We’re realists.).

Tony Danza is a wise man, and his advice should be cherished. I mean c’mon, he is the boss.

Signing off, Jenny Barrows (the biggest Tony Danza fan girl ever)