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Book Review: Reality Boy, by A. S. King

reality boy

Gerald Faust is very, very angry – but then, if you’d been known as “The Crapper” for the past 12 years of your life, wouldn’t you be angry, too? Everyone thinks they know Gerald since his family took part in a reality show when he was 5. But there’s a whole lot they (and the cameras) didn’t see – and Gerald is even angrier about that. He’s trying to keep it together, but thinks it’s only a matter of time until he snaps and ends up in jail – as do his parents, his therapist, and pretty much everyone else.  But some unexpected sympathy might be just the push he needs to try to build a life he wants, not just one he tries to survive.

Despite his rage (and a little because of it), Gerald is an awesome character. Here is a teenage boy with rage issues who – when threatened – retreats into a mental world called “Gersday” where he can eat all the ice cream he wants and everyone is happy and Snow White (the Disney version) has all the answers. 

At the very least, reading this book might give you sympathy for Honey Boo Boo 12 years down the road.

Read if you like: Horribly broken characters, boxing, ice cream, second (and third, and fourth) chances.

Don’t read if you like: Reality TV, and don’t really want to think about it.