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Every Day is Halloween: Dr. Cox Guest Blog

(Ed: Despite our joy at being back in the library, we must remember that there are others still under siege by the demon mold. Today’s post is courtesy of  one of the Wandering Scientists, Dr. Kellie “The Law” Cox.)

So I’m a nerd. A big ol’ I-like-all-things-techy-geeky-sciencey nerd. And I want to let you know that my final step into total Nerd Immersion was just accomplished, thanks to the ridiculously awesome folk at the library:

I am now a Graphic Novel fan.

And not just the, “yeah, I know of Watchmen” level, but full-blown cracked-out fan.

This is all Mr. Gette’s fault. The library has this amazing supply of Kindle Fires, right? And he was looking for a selection of graphic novels to install. I was especially intrigued by the novel Long Halloween because I love me some Batman…. but I wasn’t ever really into graphic novels. This was always a source of crippling guilt – how could I NOT enjoy graphic novels? Surely my Nerd Card will be revoked. But I could never get into the flow of moving from pane-to-pane, trying to follow dialogue while also maintaining a tenuous visual connection with the artwork; opening up a comic book was like being hit in the face by a painting.

And then Kindle Fire rolls into my life.


The electronic version of a graphic novel is like your own personal movie, bright and mesmerizing, complete with this ridiculous ~whooshing~ motion as you progress from scene to scene. No longer were my neurons confused and distracted by how to progress down the page – now I was able to completely immerse myself in the story and jaw-dropping artwork! The novel Long Halloween was aaaaaamazing and supplemented my Batman mythology well beyond what watching the movies could provide. And boy, it sure was purdy. I don’t know the artists that illustrate these novels (Ed: Batman: The Long Halloween was drawn by Tim Sale), but they rock my world with their ability to convey motion and story within a single, static pane.

Since then, Mr. Gette and Ms. Barrows have worked to fuel my addiction to the world of electronic graphic novels. My total immersion into Nerdom is complete.

And I couldn’t be happier.

(Ed: Thanks Dr. Cox! And we’ll be happy to keep enabling you suggesting new books.)

Vagabond Librarians Day 3: You Know What Else We Miss? Super Powers.

^^(alteration of statement made by Joss Whedon, creator of awesomeness)^^

Batman: The Long Halloween. Scott Pilgrim. Watchmen. Fun Home. Owly. Sandman: Season of Mist.

Yes. You heard me. I listed a bunch of graphic novels and italicized them. I promise, it was harder than it appears.

Why was it harder, might you ask? Well, because the Vagabond Librarians have officially started adding graphic novels to the 6 Vagabond Library Kindle Fires. This is a difficult task for the following reasons: 1. We have to sort through dozens of lists claiming to be  “The Most Accurate List Ever of Awesome Graphic Novels,” 2. We have to resist reading the beautifully displayed graphic novels all day, and 3. We really have to stop patting ourselves on the backs (shout out to Mr. Kit Gette for being the driving force behind this initiative).

So, here’s a fun scenario:

  • Awesome Student: Hi, Vagabond Librarian. I am really interested in reading graphic novels on Kindle Fires for two reasons: 1. I hear the display is excellent and 2. Since you and your cohorts are extremely talented selectors of books, I am confident that the graphic novels on the Kindle Fires are great reads.
  • Vagabond Librarian:  That is great to hear, Awesome Student. I will absolutely assist you in checking out a Kindle Fire and learning the panel view feature.
  • Awesome Student: Thank you, Vagabond Librarian. By the way, you and your cohorts should really pat yourselves on the backs for this great initiative.

Don’t you want to be that awesome student?! Visit the Vagabond Library and fulfill your dreams.

In other Vagabond Library news: 2 students seeking quiet hid in the Dining Hall to study, and Dr. Kellie Cox is “The Law”.

I will leave you with this inspirational quote:


This is the back of the book.
What do you think you’re doing?
Who do you think you are?
Go to the other end of the book and start at page 1.
Your mother and I are very disappointed in you.

Reading your new graphic novel: some options

OPTION 1: Follow the balloons from left to right and top to bottom, then move on to the next panel, the way you learned it at that sissy school of yours.

OPTION 2: Read each balloon in whatever order appeals to you most. Freestyle! It’s your book now! Don’t let the man tell you which direction to read!

WARNING: for entertainment use only. Do not attempt to learn anything from this page. (O’Malley, v. 4)

Signing off: Jenny Barrows (who had to fight 7 evil ex-librarians to get this gig)