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Calarco Presents “A Celebration of Poetry”

2013 Poetry Month

photo credit: Manchester Library via flickr

The Calarco Library invites you to A Celebration of Poetry Tuesday, April 20, from 6:30 – 7:30 pm. For an hour, listen to original poetry and translations by Hopkins students and recitations in Modern and Classical languages.

The event was originally designed to honor the Ann Kneisel Library Fund – established in 2002 by William J. Kneisel ’65 HGS in honor of his mother, Ann Henningsen Kneisel, to provide for the acquisition of new works of literature and poetry for the Library. This year, A Celebration of Poetry is the flagship Hopkins event celebrating National Poetry Month.

Please stop by for poetry, a light supper, and (of course) the Library.

Participating Students

Vikram Amar

Lucy Balcezak

Samira Bandura

Lindsay Blake

Molly Bodurtha

Ben Capasso

Chris Cappello

Jenn Corradi

Meera Dhodapkar

Rose Etzel

Saiyara Fahmi

Joshua Felizardo

Philip Geanakoplos

Alec Gewirtz

Chloe Glass

Yohan Kim

Jack McLean

Chrisshara Robinson

Gleeson Ryan

Griffin Shoglow-Rubenstein

Abigail Soloway

Bret Stepanek

Juliette Verlaque

Sarah Wagner