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Hopkins Students Take Library Books on Vacation

The Calarco Library held its first-ever Take a Book on Break program during the two days leading up to March break. On the Thursday prior to break, Ms. Bray and I (Ms. Barrows) ventured up to the Weissman Room in Heath with books and cookies in tow. Junior Schoolers were invited to visit during their free period to browse through dozens of young adult fiction books brought up from the library. Friday was devoted to Middle and Upper School students. There were many more new books on display in the library (including a popular cart of books “leftover” from the JSchool event) and cookies for everyone who checked out a book. Your librarians thoroughly enjoyed both events. We had a great time hearing about how much our students love to read for pleasure and sharing book recommendations with them.

Junior School

Below you can see the room set up, ready and waiting for students. Ms. Bray, Mrs. Dubois, Ms. Prendergast and I wondered how many students would venture upstairs. Five? Twenty-five? Maybe even thirty? Think about  how you feel when you present a project that you’ve put a lot of effort into: confident, because you’ve worked hard so you expect good results; nervous, because this is the culmination of all your effort; and anxious, because you are unsure of how the audience will react to your ideas. That’s how we felt! So we crossed our fingers, hoping everyone would enjoy themselves and find something great to read on their vacations.

Before the chaos

We promoted the Junior School Take a Book on Break program with a Glog (with an embedded Animoto video) that was e-mailed to the 7th and 8th grade students and advisers; Ms. Bray made announcements during JSchool lunches.

We arranged the books into broad themes – LOLScience Fiction and FantasyThrillers and ChillersDrama, and Award Winners – put some cookies on the table for students to take when they checked out books, set up a Prezi of book trailers, and waited.

As you can see in our Animoto video below, the outcome was terrific. While 43 students checked out 55 books, their enthusiasm was the best part of the event. Thank you for visiting JSchool, and we hope to see you again soon!

Upper School

Since Middle and Upper School students have more flexibility in their schedules, we decided their event should be casual and not restrained by a time-frame. We had high expectations about student response to our invitation, but there was no way to predict how many would actually respond to the Glog and Animoto video promoting the event. But, Hopkins students rose to the occasion, as usual, and dozens visited Calarco to check out books, ask for recommendations, snack on some cookies, and talk about spring break plans.

In short, we were thrilled by the turn-out and excitement of all our students. In total, 116 books were checked out during the Upper School program. Your librarians thoroughly enjoyed sharing book recommendations and hearing about how much you love to read for fun. We want to thank all of you who asked questions, ate cookies, and/or left with a book (or sometimes several books) in hand, and invite you to share your thoughts about the Take a Book on a Break Program.

Questions and Suggestions are welcome in the comments section.

Coming Soon: Stay tuned for an upcoming entry featuring our “Photograph a Book on Vacation” contest winners.