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Kindles at the Calarco Library

A classy example of Kindle reading

Lounging with a Kindle - this could be you!

This year the Calarco Library introduced 18 Kindles to the collection. We are excited and proud of this addition to the library and to the Hopkins community. Light-weight and easy to use, each device can hold up to 3,500 Kindle books. We have created a hybrid program, preloading Kindles with a myriad of best-selling titles while frequently adding requests from students, faculty and staff throughout the year.

Please visit our Kindle LibGuide to learn more and to view the full list of the books currently available on the Calarco Library Kindles.

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Hidden Collections at the Calarco Library

A unique collection that combines old and new

There are many kinds of collections – coins, stamps, bottle caps, music, etc. – and most are unknown beyond a small group of people. Libraries are pretty well known for their collections of books, I think it is fair to say. What is less often known are the collections contained WITHIN the collections of books.

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Confusing? Definitely. The Calarco Library collection does not just consist of fiction and non-fiction books; we have other collections of materials (print and non-print) that warrant your attention. These are highlighted below to make YOU (yes, you) more aware of these resources. Some of these resources might help you complete a research project, a Senior project, or simply be something you can escape to during a Free Friday. Read on, and enjoy!

CD Collection: Classical music, readings of Shakespearean plays, radio broadcasts, slave songs – our CD Collection can be used for class projects, reading, research papers, or simply for “listening pleasure”. Although it may be hard to believe, not EVERYTHING is on iTunes and/or Spotify just yet. Included with the collection are comfy chairs and CD players. This collection is located on the lower level.

Film Collection: Why, isn’t this dubbed the “DVD Collection?” The Calarco Library still carries VHS tapes of films that are either not available on DVD, or difficult to track down. These are the films your teachers often use in class, but students also use the documentaries as resources for projects and papers. This collection is located on the lower level.

Alumni Collection: Hopkins has many outstanding alumni, some of whom have published books. You will find these books in the glass case near the Baldwin entrance.

Magazines/Newspapers: We subscribe to more than 40 popular magazines, and we also subscribe to The New York Times, The Connecticut Post, and The New Haven Register. While there are obvious favorites (Issues of Seventeen are always misplaced), the collection is well-rounded and appeals to a variety of interests. There are also professional journals specifically for Faculty, which are located in the Faculty Reading Room (lower level). For a full listing of our subscriptions, please visit the Magazines & Newspapers LibGuide. Magazines and newspapers are located on the lower level, directly across from the stairwell.

Modern Language Easy Readers: Bonjour! Hola! Ciao! 您好! We invite you to spend some time practicing your language skills with the Modern Language Easy Readers. Our collection contains anything from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in Mandarin to Barbar in French. These books are located on the lower level with the magazines.

College Collection: As the college process looms in the distant (or not so distant) future, visit the College Collection and harness the “panic” with well-informed research. The Calarco Library provides a diverse collection of guides, including ones to assist you with college selection and exploring college majors. We also have guides that provide information about the college admissions process, as well as AP and SAT study guides. The College Collection is located on the lower level of the library adjacent to the textbooks.

Outdated? Not when the information on microfilm isn't availabe for free online

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Microfilm and Indexes: Have you ever wondered about those fat green books and the filing cabinet in the area across from the library classroom? Wonder no longer; this area contains our Microfilm Collection and Indexes. What is microfilm, you might ask? It is film on which a printed book or magazine is photographed and shrunk down for easy storage. Why would you use microfilm when there’s the Internet? Easy, because not everything is publicly or FREELY available online. The microfilm readers make it easy to print or e-mail articles of interest, allowing users to easily obtain primary sources. Here is a list of the publications the Calarco Library has on microfilm:

  • Atlantic Monthly (January 1960-December 1987)
  • Birth of America – Colonial Newspapers (1763-1783)
  • British Heritage (December 1979-November 1989)
  • Current History (September 1941-December 1984)
  • Current History & Forum (December 1914-March1921)
  • Documentary Sources of Western Civilization
  • The Federalist Years – Colonial Newspapers (1789-1820)
  • Forging More Perfect Union – Colonial Newspapers (1784-1788)
  • Harpers (January 1958-December 1984)
  • History Today (January 1951-December 1977 ; January 1978-December 1992)
  • The Nation (July 1913-December 1987)
  • New Republic (November 1914-December 1984)
  • Newsweek (February 1933-December 1987)
  • Time (March 1923-December 1999)
  • US News & World Report (May 1933-January 1984)

In addition to the microfilm collection, in this same area on the lower level of the library is the bound Life magazine collection (January 1960-December 1972) and The New Yorker complete collection (through 2005) on CD-ROM.

Hidden no longer, come visit the Calarco Library and explore our collections.

Welcome to the Library Blog

The Library at Hopkins is proud to present its very first blog! Stop by, frequently, sporadically, or forcibly, to read about the library and its various happenings throughout the academic (or not-so academic) year. Here we will provide updates of new materials and programs, promotions and plugs for different technologies, research tips and tricks, book talks, student commentary, and the various musings of your very own librarians.

So please, come back and visit often as our online presence grows and further benefits the Hopkins community.